Rick and Betsy Miller:  Boomers!  Rick is an award winning blacksmith!  He creates objects of art from steel and copper.  However, most of his working life has been in the auto body/paint field.  These skills have served him well when it comes to creating unique works of art and jewelry!  He is also a great writer and my go to for spell checking.  Rick also does all of our turquoise cutting and polishing.  No project is too large or small and we welcome custom orders.

As for Betsy:  I have been a lover and collector of jewelry all of my life.  When I was little I loved Halloween because it was an excuse to dress up as a Gypsy so I could dig into my Mom's jewelry and hang as much of it on me as I could!  I still have some pieces from those days and the jewelry box that I use to raid.

My first real job was when I was 15 and worked part-time on Holidays for Mills Jewelry Store in Santa Maria, California.  I was the gift wrap girl!  I especially loved wrapping up the diamond rings because you could use the "good" paper and bows for the high end items.

I started making jewelry in the mid 1980's and my first line was:  Gypsy Naturals.  This was the time period when I started making trips to Kingman, Arizona to buy turquoise.  Guess you could say;  I have had the fever ever since!

We started mining turquoise in Tonopah, NV about 5 years ago at the Royal Blue Mine.  At the turn of the century, Tiffany & Company mined the site.  The company abanoned the Royal Blue Mine in the mid 1940's.  Today the mine is operated on a very small scale by the Otteson family of Tonopah.  We "fee" prospect, cut, polish and cab our TRUE BLUE TURQUOISE from this famous site:  which is top quality and 100% natural.

Please feel free to contact us for custom orders, and for turquoise prices.